Marketing & Promotions



As a marketing and promotions company, we strive to be a perfect agency through which companies can reach out to the consumers of their products. As suggested further by the company slogan, “distinguish your brand”, it is the challenge of the company’s creative team to come up with innovative media through which a client’s product is pushed to reach higher levels.

The company offers first class delivery of the following to its clients.

In-store Promotions & Merchandising

We organise shelf space, ensure proper stocking and display of products in the store. This also entails placing well trained personnel at the point of sale who champion your product to potential customers leaving no stone unturned to ensure your product becomes the “product of choice”.


Highly visible outdoor advertising by branding vehicles, walls, kiosk outlets or containers is one of our strengths. Through consultations with our clients we look for strategic buildings and also semi permanent structures like kiosks and containers and splash them with company logos and product information creating unmistakable visual presence of your product to anyone who passes by. This is done by our team of professional artists, painters and designers.

Promotional Materials

Branding of basic utility materials such as clothing, stationery, cutlery and utensils. These are normally give aways to create a higher sense of awareness of your product and they also help the customer identify with your product everyday by branding items used everyday like pens and coffee mugs with your brand name.

Advertising & Publishing

We research and advise on the most effective outlets for print & electronic media, as well as providing consultancy services. Partnering with some of the leading advertising agencies in Kenya we strive to catapult your brand to new and greater heights.

Product Launches

Maximise launches with exhibitions, trade fairs, product sampling drives, roadshows and much more. We use an army of educated and presentable merchandisers who go from town to town, street to street, and house to house if need be, talking to people and having a one on one championing of your product directly to the potential client. We take the product and brand right to the door step of the customer.